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I was nearly in Germany tomorrow

So, around a quarter past nine my uncle calls and asks me if I wouldn't mind doing ajob for him. Depends what it is, I say. Well, I need someone to take a package to Dusseldorf tomorrow for a client, he says. Fuck yes, I say. We sort out flights (it being a weekend I'd have to stay over while Monday, so as to get a cheap flight), then he rings off to get in touch with the client and see how much -- plus expenses -- I'd be on. We figured at least two hundred. I'm searching for trains to the airport when he rings up and tells me that his client is being a dick about it and would rather pay the two grand for an official courier and get it there Sunday evening, not Saturday as I would have been there. We agreed to say "Fuck him". But by $DEITY I wanted to go. Drop off the package Saturday, go get drunk Saturday night on weissbier and bretzen, then get high with all the studenten, spend Sunday dicking around and watching the motor racing and seeing the city, Monday morning fly back.

Fuck, I wish that bastard had agreed to me going.
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