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Phone blues

With not being in Germany, I decided to go see the football. Not a bad match (but the Swansea match was much better), and we got sat with a few other vocal fans. Because of this, my voice is still fucked. Ah well.

Unfrotunately before half time I noticed that my phone had gone and was nowhere nearby. Nobody answered it when I rang it from my dad's phone at half time and when I got my bro to ring it just before leaving nobody answered. One last attempt for luck, and I phoned Orange to get the damn thing blacklisted. Unfortunately, my insurance on the bastard thing ran out a couple of weeks ago, so I have to pay full price for a replacement. I was going to upgrade it in a few weeks anyway, but this comes at a bad time. I can't afford not to have one (I do way too much with it even at home), but I can't afford to get a new one and keep going on the schedule I have been. Arseholes.

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