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In town today to see about a replacement phone (the one I'm after will be in on Wednesday), and also to kick my agencies in the head until they find me paying work. And lo, as I walked back to catch the bus home, what do I see but some guy shouting in front of a board. As I walk closer, I see he is a Christian Evangelist.

Now, a brief diversion. I know some of you reading this are Christian. I also know you know I am not. I hope you are bright enough to realise that I attacked the cretin for evangelising, rather than being Christian. I would have (and have done) exactly the same to anyone of any faith who stands in the street and tells me that my beliefs are wrong in a very loud voice.


I watched for a while as the fool claimed that England was not only not a Christian nation but a nation of heretics and heathens[1]. He claimed that Sikhs and Muslims and Jews had more rights than Christians. He went into some blithering rant about Iraq and Sept. 11th, the end point of which I believe could be boiled down to "Humans are evil and any good we do is not our own but put there by God".

Now, you may wonder why I joined in. Of course, I have made comments to people in the street before (mostly asking those fucking monks where their petrol is), but that was in passing. What made me out of the small crowd watching this lunatic actually stand up and cry "Bullshit"? I honestly couldn't say. I certainly was never singled out yet I figured it was time to join in. I think there is an impulse buried deep within the consciousness of urban humans which encodes into them that street theatre is for the performer only, and I have overridden this impulse[2]. But I figured it was about time the other side got some airing.

I shall not go into a full transcript of the points raised or arguments used. That would be pointless. But know that I gave as good as I got and redefined the way he was using "belief". As I was leaving, an older man walked up to me. "I can see you are an intelligent man," he said, "and I wondered if you had given any thought to what happens when you meet your maker?" "I don't believe I ever will." "But what if you are wrong?" "I am happy that even if I am wrong, any being that made me is more intelligent than to worry about what religion someone subscribes to at death. No, the question you should be asking both yourself and the jumped up little fart I just castrated is more along the lines of `What if we are wrong?' Let me have my certainty the same as you have yours. I'll question my faith the second you stop forcing people to believe yours." Then I punched him in the throat, went back and really castrated the first guy with my athame and kicked the spectators half to death just because I could. Then I saw the greys bring down the real holy grail, information-rich liquid with an encoded means of understanding. I drank from it and they made me King of the Universe.[3]

I do not consider that a victory. So I belittled some evangelists, so what? Anyone with a brain and the desire to poke holes in their arguments could have done the same, or could have poked holes in mine. But I was the only one to do so. That actually worries me. As a country we have become so used to passive information flow that we no longer think of it as "right" to engage in a dialogue. We no longer think of raising our own counterpoints in a form of debate. And that speaks volumes of how far we have fallen as a culture.

[1]: Despite foreign lies to the contrary, England as a whole is an agnostic country. We have gone as a country over the last fifty years from a kind of weak-willed Christianity to a kind of weak-willed agnosticism, and now religion just isn't a big sticking point.
[2]: This is why I still at least respond to people asking for money on the street even if just to tell them I'm broke.
[3]: Part of this is hyperbole for humourous effect. Work it out.

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