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Tuesdays are nice days. No need to go in to university, no need to do anything unless I really want to. Of course, this can lead all too easily to sitting around doing jack-shit, wasting away in front of re-runs of Dragonball Z and Johnny Quest, posting listlessly to the forums in order to feel like I'm doing something. I'm not going to fall into that trap today.

First off, my FLGS has really come through for me, and I need to pay back their kindness in reserving books for me by actually reading the books. The Mage Storyteller's handbook and Book of the City are needing to be read and I'm sure as hell going to make a dent. I also have some fiction I need to make a start on, an idea gained from hot_pants. A tale of the Cyberpunk Revolution, from it's start in the late nineties-early millennium to it's decadent height in 2020, to the fall of the Revolution and the start of the Underground in 2027. I'm working with R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020 and Cybergeneration here, but featuring characters that I know right now would be involved in the cyberpunk movement. It should be interesting, to say the least.

I should get some more work done on software design methodologies, but yesterday saw me butcher Rapid Application Development into a couple of pages and I really can't start on SSADM today. Though it must be done by Monday. I'm not failing that milestone. I also need to do an introduction to cryptography, so that the fools that do not understand the field can get a basic grasp. I also need to explain the usefulness of long-integer division and number theory. That should be simple enough for a rampaging supergenius like me. Fear my vast intelligence and overinflated sense of ego.

The Hellscythe Custom should be here in a couple of days. That, a Heavyarms, Heavyarms Custom, a Tallgese and an Altron. All pathetically dirt cheap. Ebay is good to me. Customisations shall be forthcoming, at the very least the Tallgese 2 deserves to be made into a Jetfire. All it'll take is a knife and some paint. I hope. I am such a junkie.

One last thing which has been bugging me particularly: People online that assume they know more than me. I am one of a team of three that runs an online Mage game, and we have to do character approvals, which includes asking when some attributes are out of whack. Now, I don't care what some snot-nosed little shit just out of high school thinks, but just completing high school does *not*& qualify you for Computer 3. I have Computer 3, and believe you me I could talk on endlessly about the kind of complex crap that would make your ears bleed and your brain melt and run out of your nose. Trust me, no matter how much you think you know, there is always someone that knows more. And in this case, I am that someone.

Now, I have to post a cheque and go inhale pure bus exhaust.

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