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Aw, fuck

Last night I ended up drinking, for no really good reason. Of course, it is only after I get there that I find out about the LJMatch sexual compatibility thing, and fill it out. Note that I wasn't drunk. Not in a way that anyone would think of as drunk. More cynical, and more liable to flirt with anything that has legs, but not drunk (that's when I shout at random objects). However, because of the influence of the drink, I fill in whatever random thing sounds good at the time Thich probably means I filled the thing in as if I were a perverse freak. So I want to avoid beer tonight in order to fill the damn thing out without the influence of anything.

Then my dad comes in and we decide that the night is so boring that we deserve some of the Weissbier he brought back from the last time he was in Germany. Well, shit.

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