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The next time I see the word "foci" spelled with a `k', someone will be hurt. Not only does it indicate a lack of ability to spell four letter words, but that the person spelling has not learned how to pronounce the plural form of "focus". Which, to me, is a criminal act which should be punished by five years in the Cartesian mines.

I was hoping to have new fiction up both last night and tonight. Thursday night was a no hoper in any way shape or form. There will probably be more tonight and if not, tomorrow.

Today itself was interesting, in that the afternoon was taken up by setting up the new TV and combination gadget that goes with it. I know this is probably a trait inherent in fathers, but when I was asked to set the blasted thing up I did not expect to have my every move questioned five times. Another example of me Not Working Well With Others.

Nothing more to report, really. Time to get writing.

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