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Assignment is done. Completed. Out of the way. Kaputski. Finito.

Of course, why the deadline for this assignment was the middle of the semester and not the end, as it was for last year's lot is beyond me. That lunatic in charge of the module has some strange ideas about what students are capable. All nighters? Yes. Warping time? No. Getting any form of user interface from Prolog? I'll try my hand at warping time, thanks. That, and the damn power went off three seconds before I could save.

I will admit that this time it was my turn to put coins in the meter. Of course, if Matt had put his amount in when we lost power last time, rather than waiting for me to put a couple of quid in to tide us through till he got some pound coins, this wouldn't have happened. Regardless, you're going to want to save this post to use as blackmail...

Mickey$haft did something right.

Namely, the automatic recovery of unsaved files if Windows crashes thing. Normally I don't need it, having cowed my 98 installation into an obedient slave (it's amazing what a screwdriver and a calculating expression will do), but when the power dies three seconds before I was going to save, it is a blessing from the Gods. Ten minutes spent prettifying rather than thirty spent rewriting. I'm actually thankful of it.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to wash my mouth out with bleach for complementing the company that gave us the TeleTubbyOS, but now I'm glad of it.

Oh, and for those wondering: Never, ever learn Prolog. Even if it's Prolog or extreme pain, take the pain. You will thank me for that.

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