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Before I left for university I used to spend a small amount of time most nights getting used to the way the sky looked. The one thing I prided myself on was always being able to tell where a few constellations were, most notably Orion. Ever since coming back, I've been unable to find the bugger.

Tonight I was outside whilst waiting for some food to warm through and I looked up at the cloudless night, and I saw Orion as clear as if I had never left, and that sent a chill through me. I don't know if it's bad or good, but I do know that it is.

Also, something mythdude started over here.

Name five things that you know, in your power, you can get done if you want to and WHY:
  1. Quit smoking. Once and for all, not the sporadic periods that hit. Even when I do quit, some situations (see last entry) warrant a return to my old ways and I find it hard to go back to being quit. I do want to, though.
  2. Get a job. Full time, semi-decent pay, even if I have to live here. I need the money I can stash to further several goals of my life, even if that does make me sound like a capitalist pig, but such is the way things are. An anarchist must still buy his bombs prior to the revolution
  3. Try, just once, a psychedelic drug (LSD or magic mushrooms). Whilst I have thought and still think that Dr. Timothy Leary was mainly full of shit, I'm still deeply fascinated by the psychedelic experience, to the point where I cannot learn much more about it without experiencing it.
  4. Take up a martial art. When I was 14 I started learning freestyle karate, and worked myself up to first brown belt. I had to quit shortly before I was 18 due to university pressure and I never went back to it. During the three years I was doing it I managed to halve my time for the three-mile cross country run that our school/college did each year, and I was in a lot better shape than I am now. Even if I don't go back to karate I would like to train in something again, possibly Jeet Kune Do.
  5. Get a writing sample in to a RPG company. Despite the words of others I still believe most of what I write to suck, or at least to not be of the grade which is publishable, and I want to get a piece of work which I am happy enough with to say "Yes. This represents how good I can be."

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