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Is the ultimate expression of American egocentrism. A holiday celebrated in one country. That's it, one. And they expect every other country they deal with to celebrate it, or to join in, or at least to have the decency to not do anything important for a long weekend whilst the Americans go off basting their egos.

Funnily enough, the Americans are the only ones doing this with one of their national holidays. You don't see anything and everything involving Britain stop whilst we mourn that the rat-bastard Fawkes got caught and failed (the real meaning behind Nov. 5th). Because we are not egocentric bastards. The Americans are. They expect that. They want the world to go away for a day whilst they stuff their faces and be with their families. Aww. Of course. Family's what Thanksgiving is all about. Not that it heralded the start of what amounts to a genocide against the people already living on the fucking continent, or anything like that.

So to all Americans that were going to remember me in their Thanksgiving love-in, built upon the broken backs of the people that lived there before you: Don't. I want nothing to do with this sham of a holiday, and would ask that you show one iota of respect for the rest of the planet by leaving us the fuck out of it.

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