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When going to sleep, try to remember what time your alarm is set for. There's nothing worse than sleeping at half five and being awoken at eight thirty. On a Saturday.

Try to remember why your alarm is set. Thinking "Fuck, I've got to be somewhere outside the house. Sometime early." is not productive.

Try to remember that parents are fucking liars. I told them about this three days ago. They said "Sure, we'll run you in. We're going into town anyway." Last night, when I reminded them that I would be up early, they said "Sure, we'll run you in there. Don't worry about it." This morning, I bump into my mum, who says "Hurry up, you're going to miss the bus." To which I say, quite logically, WTF? It takes as long to walk to the bus stop as it does to drive to the place, the bus ride is 20 minutes on top of this on a good day. And then the fucking bus driver misses the stop, meaning I have to walk through gales and rain.

"Violence" is not an accepted method of controlling a classroom. Even if you put it as a joke, some people (including those leading the course) are not going to get it.

The same with "Bribe them with drugs and alcohol".

Free food is a good reason to go to training meetings, especially when it's better than the usual ex-BR sandwiches.

Sleep upon returning from these places, especially after a bus journey filled with whining old bastards who need killing because they are whiney and old. Do not veg on the sofa, alternating between the JLA cartoon marathon and the football results (during the adverts).

Mmm, girls. Never forget this. Mmm, girls.

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