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An, shite.

This is a geek post. But I get to be egotistical and mention porn in the footnotes.

What was going to be a rather fun day of writing whilst listening to good writing music[1] just got rather crap. For some reason, my external zip drive decided to fuck up my desktop. For some reason, connecting it causes my machine to crash. Since my desktop's floppy drive has been fucked for over a year (it's a problem with the secondary IDE controller, something that will take a new motherboard to fix) this means I have no means to get information in or out of my desktop. Getting it online is painful, and I can't wire up a length of crossover cat-5 cable as I have none spare. So I can't write on the desktop. Not only that, I need to fix the desktop.


An hour of random crashes and rebooting whilst I try to work out what the cause of the problem is. Half an hour spent trying to work out why the fuck it now thinks I haven't installed the zip disk before. Wipe software and reinstall, same problem. At this point I'm officially wondering what the fuck is going on. So I wait. And I wait. And I really, really want to be listening to Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride, but I can't. And that's fucking me off more than anything. Sure, there's the TSH material I need to write, I'm not ignoring that[2]. And I can indeed do that on the laptop. This is just pissing me off more, that my real computer[3] is basically shafted once again. I don't know what it is. It could be a problem with the zip drive (which I doubt as it works fine with the laptop). It could be a problem with the USB connection itself (which it isn't, as my mouse works just fine). So it's either my computer having issues with the driver all of a sudden, or it could just be time to say fuck it all and pull a scorched earth. Which would be bad, as I rather like the way my real computer is now. And of course it's causing cascade failures for everything on the internal USB controller, so my mouse is having intermittent problems (but it's popular and for some reason vaguely stable) and there are moments once every five or so minutes where the whole thing freezes up for minutes at a time. So even more so than usual when I'm at home the desktop is the Big Fucking Ugly Paperweight, since I can get data neither in nor out.

Some days I wish I knew OS internals. Then I go scrub myself down in the shower with pan scourer and Ajax until the feeling passes.

In completely other news, Exalted: The Siderials is kicking my arse hard. I need to find someone willing to ST, simply because I refuse to give up the chance to break out the Chosen of Endings, out to fix fate with a blindfold, serpent-sting staff and Spectre General soundtrack. Because some things just need doing.

[1]: This is the problem with my laptop, everything's got to fit on a 10 gig disk. Consider that this is the only machine I can get online at home, therefore this 10 gig really does have to fit everything. OS, office suite, programming languages (4 at any one time, always including Perl and C), porn, and all of the random shit I download or people send to me like e-books and character sheets. This doesn't leave me much space for music. Therefore, I much prefer to write on the desktop, which has music.
[2]: I just happen to agree with Douglas Adams. Deadlines are great things, I especially love the sound of them whooshing past.
[3]: If it can't run Linux it's not a real computer. Deal. If it doesn't have a real mouse by default, instead having one of those fucking tempremental touchpads, it's not a real computer. If you can't case-mod a beer cooler onto it, then it's not only not a real computer, it's a fake computer spending it's days just waiting to overheat. If you disagree, I don't care because you are wrong. My journal, my rules on advocacy.

Do you want to know what your tarot card is?Do you want to know what your tarot card is?Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

Also check the chibi zodiac signs at the tarot site. Or of you're a lazy bastard who can't be fucked to navigate a simple site, click here and leave a note in the comments so I can hunt you down and turn you into soylent green for not daring to use the very basics of human cognitive processes. Either way works.

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