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Well, I survived yesterday, though how I ain't quite sure. Six hours of linear programming is enough to turn anyone's head to mush. Over now. All handed in. All is good. Of course, suffering as I am from a particularly potent cold I figured I'd better get home and sleep before the Mage game. We missed last week thanks to my deadlines and seeing the new Bond film, I figured I couldn't make it 2 in a row. When I wake up again, one of my friends is asking why I wasn't there to demo the AI assignment.


Still, e-mail is my friend and I have a time to re-demonstrate. Damn cold is still attacking me, I've been coughing so hard my throat has bled... I'll live, though. Painkillers and cough medicine is healing me, and since I have an understanding with my doctor (I don't give him extra work by trifling him with minor things like sore throats or flu, and he gets me any paperwork I may need if I've had said ailments) I should be fine. Just means a fair bit of sleep.

I suppose I might as well explain why I'm so vociferous about that American holiday being a bad thing. I have a major league need for people I care about to be around, even the chance of that. It's one of the things that makes me think I may be borderline. Everyone that means a lot to me (save Paul, but he's in Edinburgh) is in the US. Thanksgiving as a holiday is when America, and by association pretty much everyone, turns it's back on the world, and by association myself. Every Thanksgiving since I got online I've had this problem. There are few enough people around that aren't homeostats as it is, and the only ones I've met are in the US (or Paul).

Right. Now, I have a weekend of not working at all, and drinking. Alles gut.

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