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Time of Judgment

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A thread on the White Wolf Forumsis all about short fiction based on the kind of events that the WW news ticker might contain. So, I thought it was about time to dig out Jono Steel Trap Mind and the rest of his Glass Walker pack, the Wakeful Eye. Mainly, because I've not had a chance to write Werewolf in a long time. Enjoy.

Time of Judgment #1
by Stewart Wilson

The police were after him, Steel Trap Mind was sure of that. The others had done their best to keep the Pack's activities off the radar but having SO-16[1] turn up at the supposedly abandoned warehouse on Liverpool's docklands in the middle of a scrap with a band of Spirals was more than all the Glass Walkers in England could handle. He and the rest of the Wakeful Eye had been splashed over every television news programme in the country for the past couple of days and the manhunt was still on.

The stupid thing was that the Pack wasn't well adapted for war. Aside from Switchblade Jack, none of them had spent a long time in active combat outside their Sept's Challenge Circle. They worked on a hit-and-run basis, and being hunted wasn't in their operations manual. Jack was inside the building Steel was keeping watch on now, along with Bite Code and Mustang Sally. Bite was working on one part of their latest plan, leaving a sleeper program in the police networks that would mark the Pack as being buried in a prison cemetery one week after they were arrested after a particularly violent brawl that left two other prisoners injured. Sally's job was to cajole a spirit into protecting that little program, as well as a risky deal with an Anger-spirit that owed Jack to start the brawl in which they were supposedly killed. Some Kinfolk "specialists" sent to the prison to doctor records and pay off key staff, and the Pack would be officially dead.

Steel Trap Mind's cell phone beeped. He answered before it could finish ringing.

"We're at the door."

"Two cars, two pedestrians. Keep back from the doors, and when I say move, move."


One of the cars swept past, but the other slowed to a crawl. One of the pedestrians was apparently a hooker, or so the driver thought. The wait dragged on, seconds feeling like hours. The building was secured in the Shadow, a major bastion of a Weaver-spirit which really didn't like the area's Glass Walkers. Attempting to cross over in sight of it was asking for all the police in the country to know where they were. Still the hooker and her client talked, headlights on the doors of the building. Two more people were coming down the street. Bite's voice on the phone.

"We've got to move. They'll see us in this light."

"No, they'll see you better if you move!"

None of his three packmates listened, trying to sneak out of the doors just as two of the pedestrians were passing. One "Hey, isn't that" lead to a 999 call being made as the pack met up down a side street. Steel Trap Mind and Switchblade Jack both glared daggers at Byte Code.

"Fucker, you don't question the leader in times like this!"

Sirens changed Byte's retort. "Challenge me when we're dead and safe. Any punishment you want, man."

Sally looked back from the corner. "Three cars, looks like they might call more in. And the chopper's overhead."

"Fuck. But then, we did want to get caught." Steel Trap Mind felt his bones pop as they grew and shifted to support the enhanced size and muscle bulk of his Glabro form. The rest of Wakeful Eye followed suit.

"New plan. When I say 'Run like a motherfucker and commit aggravated assault on a police officer'..."

[1]: SWAT, to Americans
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