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The Wakeful Eye

The Wakeful Eye

Pack Totem: The Digital Eye

Name: Jono Steel Trap Mind
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Glass Walker
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox

Appearance: Jono is a somewhat stocky man of average height. He sports a tangled mop of dark hair which always looks about a day overdue washing, and a day's stubble in Homid form. He's usually found sporting jeans, leather jacket, and a t-shirt with a union flag somewhere upon it. The jacket has been sewn to hold a length of metal pipe in the back, his Beatdown Stick.

Steel Trap Mind was given his deed name after answering every question the Ragabash of his home Sept could set him with just the right selection of words, Jono spent a lot of time after his Rite of Passage with a pack of Bone Gnawers.The constant accusations of dishonour were grating on Jono, and he inadvertantly got the pack into a brawl which they could not handle at a rave in Bristol. The Glass Walkers buried what they could, spin and media manipulation coming to the fore to get things played down or forgotten, though how their tactics worked so well is still a niggling mystery to Steel Trap Mind -- after all, how does one "cover up" two hundred violently eviserated bodies?

He and Jack returned to the Glass Walker Sept in London as the only survivors, and were punished (as is only fitting) for letting the situation deteriorate as far as it did. Steel Trap Mind's instant decision was to found a Pack which would be able to give others the assistance that his pack had sorely needed. Hearing of the Digital Eye from an online Garou contact in California, Jono founded the Watchful Eye under the Eye's patronage. The pack's stated purpose is to provide pertinant information in advance of it being needed, but often just gathering this infromation was as troublesome as the situation it was meant to help with.

Jono's very much a Philodox who leads from the front. Often, it's his problem-spolving skills that outline the way things should go, as well as getting the pack out of trouble mid-task. He's generally loud and forceful, a very "My way or the highway" kind of leader, but quite a bit of that is bluster to cover up the fact that he's just about three moves ahead in the game. More modern Glass Walkers have voiced discontent at his choice of leadership techniques -- the Random Interrupts think he's too much of a final authority, wheras some of Dies Ultimate condemn him as amateurish. The rest of the Eye certainly don't seem to mind, they reason that the louder he's shouting the harder he's thinking, and they would be right.

Beatdown Stick: Level Two, Gnosis 6
Three and a half feet long, the Beatdown Stick was made from an iron bar used to kill a police officer during the Poll Tax riots in London. Since then it has been marked with glyphs proclaiming it as a tool of those who would fight for a cause, and the "hilt" is wrapped in leather, with small, broken items of technology (car headlamp bulbs are a favourite) hanging from it.
The Stick is Difficulty 5 to wield and deals Strength + 2 Bashing damage. If activaed when it damages an enemy, the Stick throws the enemy flat onto his back as if hit with the Ahroun Gift: The Falling Touch.

Name: Bite Code
Rank: Cliath
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Ragabash
Camp: Random Interrupts

Appearance: Bite Code is a tomboyish half-Pakistani girl of around seventeen in her Homid form. Her black hair is kept short, and she does all she can to confuse her gender. Her choice of clothes reflects this, with baggy shirts and jeans being the norm. The baggy jeans also serve to keep her tail from sight, as the nature of her birth means she constantly has her Lupus-form tail, throwing her sense of balance off-kilter

Bite Code was a mistake. Her mother was a Glass Walker of Pakistani descent at the London Sept; a fine, upstanding woman who would never bed another Garou. Or so everyone thought. When she fell pregnant, the Sept were worried as she was not honourably mated. When the nature of the pregnancy became clear, she was hated for what she had done. Bite Code's mother denied everything foras long as she could, but eventually the truth outed -- she had slept with a man under dubious pretenses, and he was never heard of again.

Growing up knowing all of this made Bite Code sure of her place in the Sept, and made her very anti-social. She developed a talent for working with computers, which some of the Ahroun joked was a bloody good thing, because she certainly couldn't fight. She persevered, refusing to give in to her rage and hopelessness and tightened the electronic security of the Sept to a degree that proved herself worthy of her Rite of Passage. Returning from her Rite she heard a Philodox with an answer for everything asking about recruits for a Pack of scouts and information-gatherers and she demonstrated her usefulness to him. He shrugged, and soon after she was part of the Watchful Eye.

Bite Code is a somewhat impulsive girl who is still determined to prove her usefulness to her Pack. She's got problems with hard authority of the kind her Alpha uses, but she knows how to weasel her way around claims that she's blatantly violated the Litany -- after all, he showed her himself. She chafes at the idea that she should be anywhere without the rest of the Pack, and often uses cajoled pattern-spiders as a means towards remaining with the Pack. In truth, she's sure of herself but still scared of being cast out as a mistake by fault of her birth. She doesn't entertain that thought often, but it certainly seeps through in her actions.

Name: Switchblade Jack
Rank: Fostern
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash

Appearance: Switchblade Jack is certainly noticeable on any street. He's easily six and a half feet tall, but is wiry to complement that. His hair is styled (if the word can apply) in dreadlocks that fall past his backside, and extend to a thin salt-and-pepper beard covering his face. He's known for wearing dirty biker leathers and combat boots, and is never far from one of his knives.

The Garou known as Switchblade Jack ran away to London when he was just 13. He can't remember why, or what his surname was. After two years on the London streets he cut two drunks who were trying to steal what little stuff he had. He had to move on, and ended up in Bristol. His First Change came soon afterwards, and he joined the Bone Gnawer Sept that monitored the streets of the city. The Pack he passed his Rite with were generally successful in combatting the Wyrm in the city, but after a few years they went looking for a supposed Caern in amongst the warehouses, following rumour and hearsay. They found a Black Spiral Pit. Jack was the only one to survive.

His second Pack was unusual in that it included a Glass Walker by the name of Steel Trap Mind. The alpha was experienced but single minded and did not take kindly to the Philodox pointing out the flaws in his plans as he made them. That did endear the the Glass Walker to Jack, and they were as brothers in the family of the pack, until the fateful incident that dissolved that Pack. he returned to London with Jono, and is finding out what it's like to be the odd-Tribe out. He did have a hand in selecting which of the potential Garou they saw were approached, and has taken to teaching the two girls the fine art of cutting people open when the pack aren't on task.

Switchblade Jack is a typical Ragabash in that he rarely stops questioning things. He will question the wisdom of one plan one minute, and move on to questioning the validity of any suggested replacement without drawing a breath. His tone of disagreement is hardly subtle, usually involving rather violent conduct, but in the middle of a plan he stops arguing and concentrates fiercely on his assigned task. A technophobe, the propagation of mobile phones in the UK along with PDA phones and the like has allowed Jack to keep in touch with the group's Totem. Neither the phone (which is already shabby) or his knives are Fetishes; they don't need to be.

Name: Mustang Sally
Rank: Cliath
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge

Appearance: The most obvious detail about Sally is her hair; curly and ginger (though she swears it's red) she has it pulled back to keep it out of her face. She's short and of average build, with a fondness for old grey jeans and Liverpool football shirts. She's rarely seen without a mis-shapen duffel bag full of oddments to appeast the spirits.

Mustang Sally got her deed name early in her time as a Garou, when she and some of the other cubs went to a Karaoke bar and just kept on singing that song until the management forced them to leave. She's always been somewhat contrary in the way that many Theurges are, but that was the final straw for her Sept who sent her and her Kinfolk parents to London. The Sept there found her no easier to deal with and she was put in the care of a Fianna Theurge in the hopes that he would be able to show her some discipline. It took six more months before she was ready for her Rite of Passage.

Her Rite contained many harsh reminders of how putting herself before her Pack could only lead to disaster. She did pull through, but it was far from a stunning display. Whilst the other five who completed the Rite were bonded into a Pack, she was told to ask the spirits to see when her pack would find her. Two maddening months later, another group returned from their Rite of Passage, including the Metis Bite Code. A pair of Fostern were at the Sept asking about Theurges, and her name was mentioned. The taller of the two, a crazy-looking man, nodded. She was asked to join the Wakeful Eye aboutfive minutes later.

Sally is generally quiet, which would surprise many of the Garou she grew up with. Truthfully, she enjoys listening to the bickering of the other three and interrupting with some crucial fact that all of them missed. She's also got a better grasp of the ways of urban spirits than any of the others and through minor chiminage which she performs for general good responses from them can often seem rather odd. She also knows what both urban and modern spirits like, and totes around computer expansion cards, old hit singles and countless other odds and ends in the duffel bag. The only thing that can be said for sure to work is her laptop computer, which never runs out of power and rarely crashes thanks to the awakened spirits within.

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