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ISP blues

Any ISP which, roughly half the time, refuses to connect the client for the only IM service worth using should not call itself an ISP. It should own up to being a shitty waste of telecommunications protocols which forces otherwise intelligent people to use fucking atrocious bloatware to communicate with others.

Fucking stupid fucking thing.

Doubly fucking stupid thing it does: I can read my e-mail just fine. Half the time. None of the time can I send mail. Un less of course I use stupid and ugly webmail interface.

But of course the place that was suposed tobe seeing to the laptop on Monday hasn't yet made a move, so I'm stuck with this. Fucking ISP. Kill and all the others doing SSFST, this is why my submission will be delayed by a few days, something for which I apologise profusely in advance.

Teaching today. Full day of bottom set design and technology. Trying to keep fuckhead brats from killing each other, without personally being actionable for assault. Also trying to stop them destroying the school with unpowered tools (because I am not stupid enough to leave the little fucks with power tools). And no smart quips about how I should have brutalized them or let them kill each other, they ain't funny and speaking as a teacher they're both completely ignorant of the situation and rather offensive. I just want someone I can kill today.

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