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The laptop is back

Though it is a right royal pain in the wallet. The repairs cost twice the maximum quote, for good reason. Not only had the power socket cracked off the circuit board, but there was an accrual of damage which was leading to a short-circuit on the motherboard. Fortunately, the guy caught it and cleaned the whole crap off before the short circuit trashed both motherboard and processor. But I'm very glad that things are fixed. Mmm, laptop.

More and more I am wanting a car of my own. Without a job, I can't hope to afford one. Which is a bugger because I know what I'm after. A nice old Toyota pickup truck, which has been proven by Top Gear to be indestructible -- to the point of being in a high-rise block of flats which was demolished, and being driven away. Admittedly, the bodywork was holding the frame together, but let's face it: how many more vehicles are able to do that? Fucking lack of job.

In gaming news, I finally have paid money for a D20 book. Not any of the rip-offs that are considered core books, having read through them I refuse to part with money for such dry, flavourless writing. No, I have the Judge Dredd corebook. It's rather light on background (not a problem for me, as I was a reader of 2000AD for seven years), but I like most of the mechanics (the Armour/AP/DV thing in and of itself is fun) and it looks like I could have a laugh with it once I complete my chopping apart and sewing together of the D20 ruleset.

This looks really disjointed. But I have the laptop back, so I don't care.

You are: R'AS AL GHUL!

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