Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


You are one of the ALCHEMICAL EXALTED
ALCHEMICAL EXALTED: You are one of the special
defenders of Autochthonia, created by
Autochthon, the Machine God.

The ALCHEMICAL EXALTED are syntetic warriors
created in a vat, infused with Essence and
equiped with installed powers to defend and
protect Autochthonia, the machine world. During
all the First Age, this warriors as well as
their human peers stayed inside their secret
world, that is in fact the huge body of
Autochthon itself. Separated from Creation and
its problems and dangers.

But now, in the Second Age, the inhabitants of
Autochthonia need to refresh their soul and
material resources and have to enter Creation
to get them. The ALCHEMICAL EXALTED are there
to command and protect their people in this new

Exalted: -What kind of being would you be in the Age of Sorrows?-
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