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Lo, I do want to visit wrathful vengeance upon the stupid of the world. Or someone. Anyone, really.

Anyway. In order to boost responses to the post two below this one, here's my response that I've been adding to others that I have seen. Cut for brevity, so go, read and reply to that other post.

Yes, I am that much of a comment-whore.

I lost my virginity when I was 19, to a girl I had met the day before I moved across England to go to university. We ended up together for just over eight months before I realised that she was nuts. We did get thrown out of a nightclub for fucking in front of the bar. She did teach me a lot of important lessons about relationships.

My best female friend at high school was a lesbian. I've been told she trained me well.

I have been in a total of two fights outside of martial arts class. Once was when I was 12, and I got the shit beaten out of me. The second, I was mugged and again got the shit beaten out of me. This second lead to one of the pieces of fiction I'm happiest with. I have never assaulted anyone with either a knife or a crowbar, but I carry a knife for self defence.

I consider myself dressed without a shirt, but not without a Leatherman.

Despite all my claims, I have never taken magic mushrooms or LSD, though it is not for want of trying.

I have made and burned/detonated napalm, nitroglycerine and thermite. I know how to make explosive and hollow-point pellets for air rifles. I learned all fo this when I was 14.

I read a minimum of two books a week.

I dislike both onions and tomatoes. Unless they are on pizza. All pizzas can be made better with both anchovies and olives. Also on the subject of food, I need to eat at least one curry a week or I go into withdrawl.

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