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Random System Thought

An RPG subsystem, mainly for handling things like Dragonball Z, Saturday morning shows and superhero comics, where the characters spend a while fighting before bringing out the super attacks, rather than taking the pragmatic route of super-attacking everything in sight.

Characters have astat, MP[1]. Each scene, the characters reset to 0 MP. In a fight, hitting an opponant gives you 1 MP. Hitting with a weapon gives 2 MP. Stunting adds 1-3 MP as appropriate for the stunt and move. Each move which isn't basic hand to hand combat costs MP. Figure "basic" moves cost 2-4 MP, but give back their cost + 1 after use (so you have to be able to afford them). Power stunting should be harder to do, and multiple power use harder (so it's easier still to stunt basic hand to hand attacks for more MP rather than relying on the basic powers). Larger powers break even on MP, giving back what they cost[2]. Super moves cost a lot of MP, but are well worth it.

Not bad for an idea ripped from X-Men vs Street Fighter...

[1]: Move Points, Magic Points, call it what you will.
[2]: In WW terms, I'd (very roughly) allow each attack to give 1 MP for each unsoaked HL, and have the attack cost half the damage pool. Basic powers get +1 MP back.

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