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Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day to those that have it. To those that don't, hah. Two in the bloody morning and it feels like early evening...

Though I have to say, it's been a rather mixed day. Finally got my Playstation hooked up[1]. I had to take the bastard thing apart and tinker with it, of course. The whole reason I got a new telly was that the one up in the computer room was fucked, the channels were generally shite and it got no signal from the PS. I get a new telly, my old one goes upstairs and I can finally get back to console gaming. Of course, I get it down and it still doesn't fucking work. One soldering job later and the fucking thing works a charm. Hah.

Dinner was at our place. Of course, nobody told me it was at seven in the evening, so the pathetically small bacon butty I had around noon had done jack shit for me being hungry. Add to that my mum had had more wine than usual without any food to soften the blow, so there was a row. One had been brewing a while, what with the grillfiend going to town with presents for my brother. It just gets on my tits when her main — just main, there was plenty more — was a telly. A bigger, better telly than the one I got. I'm not pissed off with my parents for this, but she could have had some fucking taste, rather than rubbing it in nicely how she's richer than my whole fucking family. And of course, the wine means mum yells at me for mentioning this. There was also the revelation about how she was forced into marrying my dad (we got the real explanation when she sobered up) and all that shite with put me in a mood over dinner.

I believe strongly in the curative properties of roast beef. It is a bloody miracle substance, able to heal all family-related wounds. Unfortunately, the grillfiend is not family, and hearing her voice for too long gives me a migrane, especially when the level of conversation in general is too loud and the heat of all these people in the room means the air is cuttable with a knife. Add to that the problems of caffeine deficiency, and I end up excusing myself before I kill someone. Slept from eight while half ten, which is probably why it feels weird now. Loaded up with lots of coffee and comedy DVDs and listened to the explanations for earlier while tactfully not apologising for a single thing I said. Fuck'em, I was in a bad mood as it was. Reading Switchblade Honey cheered me up a fuck of a lot. Everyone who thought Star Trek was dumb has to read it.

And that was today. In miscellaneous news, I finished fighting with S2 styles last night (the joys of a paid journal). I'm also wondering if new pictures would be worthwhile. At present there's only the thoughtful and angry photos and palominomule's drawing. Thing is, I can't really come up with any more ideas for categories. Which is a pain in the arse, really. I'm also using this post as a means to test the post-via-mail functionality. So many features to play with... all so shiny... coaldustcanary knows how to keep me occupied when she isn't around. ;) Now all I need to know is how to change the name displayed in an <lj user> tag without C&Ping the HTML of a link. Ah well.

I think that's me all done. Now, back to brainstorming both some fiction based on something innocent_man mentioned and lizardgolf's WH40K game.

[1]: Yes, gentle reader, Playstation. Not a PS2. This was twenty quid off the back of a fucking lorry back before there was a PS2, and I don't have the cash for the sequel. It plays Soulblade and lots of Final Fantasy games, so I don't really give a shit.

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