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Back home

First off, I apologise for spamming Friends lists. Unless you saw the locked entry I posted just now, in which I already apologised. One apology per person, please.

Back from Edinburgh. It was a fantastic time, as always. I'm left with a cough, and a taste for organic vodka and penguin caffeinated mints. I can't really review the trip as LJing was my contact with the outside world while I was there and I really don't believe in redundancy. I can however note that though the return journey was with Virgin Trains, there was no need for me to photograph the owner engaging in anal sex using his own head. Which was certainly a first. Most of tonight which should have been spent catching up was instead at some $DEITY-awful family gathering, which left me feeling sub-optimal. But fuckit, it's 2004.

2004. It's going to take a couple more days to sink in, of course. I can dimly recall coming home after going to the Crags and drinking on Hogmanay, telling people to ignore the illusions of horseless carriages on the roads. I think I thought that they had to be illusions because this is the 21st century and to not have flying cars would be a travesty against nature. Or something. I was drunk.

Rather than do that really long questionnaire-lemming that seems to be taking the place of a real "That was the year that was", I'm going to do my own review of the year either tomorrow or Monday. Since stuff for the new year is nothing to do with that, I might as well note my resolutions:
  1. Excercise. Somehow. I'm developing a geek-belly, and the way my family structures meals has caused me to gain weight at a rate that I really aren't happy with. I'm not saying I want to diet or lose a lot of weight or anything, but I used to have a 6-pack and I want that back.
  2. Catch up on geek media. This includes Invader Zim, Spaced, Black Books and all manner of related televisual entertainment. The job will allow for DVD purchases as well as feeding my weirdness addiction. In a related resolution, finally see both Two Towers and Return of the King, and try to work out why the girls all swoon over Legolas
  3. Get a gaming group. At present, there is me and daedalus668 and nobody else. Problem there is that the collective noun for a pair of gamers is an argument. It takes three to have a gaming group. I must fix this.
  4. Drink more. I need to work on my tolerances.
  5. Find a local dealer. I need to work on obtaining weed and shrooms.
  6. Finish writing things that I say I will, when I say I will. Especially for etherlad.
  7. Upload some more user pics.
  8. End the year with either a real vehicle or a flat of my own.

I don't think those are too unreasonable...

EDIT: Stupid me. I forgot to mention that WolfSpoor is back up and running, though with no memory of who was registered or any news/forum posts. So go there and hit up the forums and shit.

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