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Way of the World

Thinking about it, I could use any of my journal entry titles as replacements when my turn rolls around to refil the pool for SSFST[1]. At least, I could with the way my brain is. Fucked up and light headed on cough syrup, not for want of being but for the nasty cough I seem to have picked up. Damn respiratory system.

Other than that, the start to my last week of freedom has been rather less than satisfying. Signed off at the dole, doubled over coughing in the street (thus the light-headed-making stuff), posted off the Acceptance of Offer for the job, and generally lazed around the house watching superhero cartoons[3] and playing FFVII. Took it up from an old savegame just before the Battle of Dollet, hoping to avoid the many mistakes I made last time.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the town again. Not something I can choose to do when employed and I do so hate the weekend crowds. Should be able to either make a start on finishing up my Mage and Werewolf collection (PL/OoH/VA/DotE/DMII) or on finding inspiration. Either way, I should return with some kind of haul.

In other news, I'm feeling the burn of not RPing. The WW Forums, my intellectual home away from home where I was once King of All I Surveyed, are boring the pants off me. A combination of not gaming and the majority of posts being made by the ignorant or the retarded[4] have turned down my interest to the point where though I read, others are doing the replying in the way I would. I expect the boredom of work to make me want to respond more but either way I need to game and I need to game soon. In person or online, I don't care. Something, anything — as long as it gets off the ground. I've got my name down for one too many online games which haven't gone anywhere. A Demon game that isn't mentioned any more and is handwaved away when I bring it up. Any number of Werewolf and Mage games that fail because I can't get people in the same time zone to be online at the same time, let alone have that time be one that I can be there as well. An Unknown Armies game which had a great first session but looks set to be aborted messily there because the players have other things to do. I just want a game which will run more than once a month at some fucking abyssal time where I'd be too braindead to enjoy it. Is that too much to ask?

Wow, that was whiney. But you get my point. Fucking games.

[1]: Speaking of SSFST[2], will you hurry up, Arist?
[2]: Short Stories From Short Titles. Something everinward came up with. Ask for more info.
[3]: Apropos to both this and Roleplaying Rant: Anyone fancy an online supers game?
[4]: Charlie has strayed full-time to the Werewolf forum, despite having no grasp of the thematics of the game. Kinda like how he was with Mage...

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