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If this entry seems random, blame both the cough medicine and the fucking big vodka my dad just poured.

Town today. The FLGS hasn't had anything new in since the start of December and hadn't the rest of what I was looking for, so I headed in for the company alone, which was good. Signed off with the teaching agency and they agreed to give me a damn good reference. Not bad when I only taught four days for them. Dropped into the comics shop as it got dark, and picked up Anarchy for the Masses (the companion to The Invisibles). The guy who owned the store is a good bloke, and I had a chance to hang around and discuss Grant Morrison, LSD, alcohol, Hogmanay, Warren Ellis (mistersleepless) and occasionally comics. He mentioned the Planetary Reader, a collection of the three issues that were released before the gap. As the gap means there's not going to be a trade paperback for at least six months, he offered me both the Reader and the next three issues (the contents of the next TPB and conveniently the latest stuff) for the price of the Reader alone. Which was very nice indeed.

The parents have conceded to the fact that I will need transport for my job. Thus, they have mentioned the provisioning of motorised transportation (I'm not fit enough to launch into an hour's bike ride every day without working up to it). So hopefully within a couple of months, I will be mobile. The very thought makes me want to use multiple exclamation marks, some strings of which will end in the numeral "1"; I shall restrain myself.

To contrast this: My mum just demonstrated her complete and total fucking ignorance about communications in general and communications between me and coaldustcanary. I have bitten my tongue enough, if she says anything more I fear I am going to flip out. Normally I can deal with this, but on this occasion it has cut to the bone. Fucking family. Need place to live.

There's more that's making me feel bad today, through the generic blah health and my pessimism at starting full time work and into the little things, too many to name.

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