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Four in the afternoon I dragged myself out of the shower, dripping wet and as naked as your imaginations will allow[0], and thinking Wow. I've done nothing today that can go in the LJ. It's just going to be another boring whine about how I wasted one of my last days of recovery.

Strange how these things have a way of working out, isn't it?

I was reading through my haul from yesterday, and started on the interview with Grant Morrison in Anarchy for the Masses. And read more, and more... that stuff is addictive, but at a slower pace than the books themselves. It got into the memory cores which hold all of the stuff gained from the comics in one download and started to decompress some of that information and create cognitive and causal links between things. A flower of memes blooming in my mind. That and some amber in the air had me fizzing in the kind of way I've not since the last time I rocked the ganj. I could feel every air molecule as it impacted my hand. It's not lasted but I'm thinking more. Revolution is in mind again, magic at it's side. What will come of that I do not know, but I will later as will some Friends, if all works out.

Wandering round shops chanting "Maka-lele"[1] under my breath afterwards, followed up by fish, chips and curry sauce, that weird green-grey-brown sort that you can only get from chip shops and you sincerely hope that the black lumps are raisins.

I dunno where my head is at right now. But the superconsciousness is still in touch and has not dissipated into mundanity. Tonight's experiment should be interesting.

[0]: My libido has been spinning like a dynamo today, but I remembered some of you disliked thinking about me naked for whatever reason.
[1]: Coincidentally, the name of a Chelsea player. Synchronicity here is that I am watching Liverpool play Chelsea.

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