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More stuff

The second part of Option X is up now. I'm writing it to be the prose equivalent of a comic book. A short, contained story in each chapter, building on each other to form a bigger story. It's the first story I have worked on that got past the first section.

A brief rundown: The whole thing is based on several ideas gained from Morrison's work on New X Men. There's nothing concrete, but there are references to the Institute and Hank (McCoy) for those that want to take it that way. Just as easily, it could be a piece of setting material for White Wolf's Aberrant game. It could be disconnected from everything, existing in it's own universe. That's all up to the reader. One of the themes I'm going to try to explore is human/posthuman thought and morality. I'm a big fan of epic posthuman weirdness and I'm hoping to explore it to it's fullest. And please, for the love of the deities, give me feedback. Tell me what you think works, tell me what you think doesn't, lavish me with praise or flame me for being unable to write a coherent sentence. and follow the Option X link.

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