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What if stories were what corporations are today? People wouldn't have jobs, they would have roles, where they wound their way through the story at their own pace, getting the rewards from participating. And when one story ends, another is waiting. The entire capitalist system just wouldn't work.

Creators would have the best roles. They get to be the ultra-powerful, the jet-set. The people who can be A-list if they want to be. Authors are like pop stars are now, celebrities whether major or minor. A relatively large percentage experiment with consciousness-expanding drugs as the realisation that they are right at the crux of free will and determinism kicks in. The work of a creator/author team needs protecting. They are figuratively the board of these corporations, be they small startups or huge multinationals. The key here is that because there is no capitalistic search for wealth, these groups are formed for social reasons, one person having a niche that the other can fill.

And more niches crop up with the idea of copyright and derivative works. Out on the edge, in the gaps between the seedy bars of the Noir tales and the forgotten footnotes, the Fanfic Hunters prowl. Roles custom-written for them to make them combative Gods, but also to ensure that they don't break away from the group of friends who gave them that power. Many embrace this, going for all the celebrity they can get, 60's spy-punk gone mad.

The worst kind of deviants are the furry-porn writers. It isn't so much that they take a perfectly good story and make it porn. It's the way it is done, anything from a high-brow social examination to a childern's story turned into an orgy of tails and wings and claws. Those are the most gruesome battles. But every furry-porn fanfic writer dreads the night he will find half of his cast broken and a gun pointed at him, asked that last question: "Do I make you horny, baby?"

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