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Whipping round like a fucking dynamo

If I stretch out my arm there'd be lightning scorching the wall like no fucking tomorrow, or so it feels. So much buzzing around inside and nowhere for it to ground out. Woke up after five hours sleep, finished off the forms, dragged my arse to work.

40 minutes walk. I still get to wake up much later than the bus would let me. Stupid bus. Work is, at base, boring. First days always are, writing forms and being introduced to people two or three times. The job itself looks to be fairly easy, just a case of putting together and carrying out software test plans.

Of course once I get back here I have to put up with everyone and their dog asking how things went. As if they've never had a first day at a job and don't know how fucking boring they are, it's obvious that all I want to do is repeat myself ad infinitum repeating the paragraph above and answering all the other questions with "How should I know you braindead freaks, I've only been there one day. Get a fucking clue."

Add to that my brother dithering online for some assignment for his night-degree, stopping me getting on. It's not like he needed the connection, the assignment is basic XML parsing on local files and he has all the damn notes there. So I'm cut of while eleven and not pleased, especially when there are ways around the whole problem if he just applied his fucking brain for once.

So yeah. First fucking day of work. Whoop de motherfucking do.

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