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Second day blues

Only the second day and I'm feeling down. Nearly ended up late for work thanks to fucking weather and drivers thinking it's fun to drive through puddles when there's a guy walking. Fucking bastards deserve having a jockstrap full of acid fitted and glued to them with a tiny camera inside so that they can watch as their own genitals painfully dissolve away. All this walking has got my legs fizzling. Every time I tense any of the muscles there I just want to hold it there until my leg burns away. I'll probably end up getting fit doing this, but three quarters of an hour to walk to work is still fucking stupid. If it didn't need fixing up, I'd take my bike...

Speaking of bikes, that's fucked me right off as well. Went in tonight to start handing over money and getting things sorted and the bloody thing has been sold. There'll be another come through, but that won't be while the middle of next week. So rather than doing the CBT[0] this weekend I have to wait until next weekend. An extra week's wait at the minimum. Talk about doing my nut in. Bastards.

Work itself continues to be boring. I'm thinking of automating some of the things if only so I have something to do which isn't so monotonous as filling out badly formatted spreadsheets. It turns out that a guy who used to work with my dad building ships is one of the guys who is working on the software I'm testing. Generally the stuff is smaller scope than what people were testing at Eurocopter, small projects over spans of months rather than the years of helicopter software testing. Even so, by half two each day my eyes are getting monitor burn.

That in and of itself is more than likely due to lack of sleep. Preparations the first night and an insomniac father last night meant I've not got to bed before two yet. And no, before anyone asks, I am not getting offline much earlier than I have been. That doesn't give me any time to catch up with people and things and generally have the world know I'm alive. So I'm subsisting on five hours sleep a night so far, and the coffee machine at work apparently doesn't know the meaning of the word caffeine, the strongest brew being weak as decaffinated gnat's piss.

And now, the world calls. And though my legs burn and my brain is dead and have no caffeine and I really, really want a pipe to smash in the world's skulls so I can sleep properly just once, I go to answer.

Stupid Winamp.

[0]: A day-long thing where one learns to ride the things without fucking up at speed

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