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Been a while

Since it felt like I wasted a weekend. But this one feels well and truly wasted. All I've done is sit on my arse and drink. Friday night was lost in the mists of John Smith's bitter and Smirnoff. I know I must have talked to people but I cannot remember much of what was said or even the more general threads of conversation. And if I did anything other than run off at the keys, I have no idea what it was. A night wasted by the mists of booze.

Yet more mists last night, two bottles of wine preventing me from thinking of or doing anything useful (like the procurement of more userpics). I remembered just enough of what was said to some people that I was able to meet daedalus668 in town today with reference to a game. Even so, I know that many who talked to me these past two nights cannot have missed the fact of my inelegant conversation and complete lack of any kind of thread.

Today, things have been done. Me and daedalus668 got the chance to meet and work on his character for a game, and to talk about life, the universe and anime. The chance to get out of the house and talk with someone not colleague or family was needed, though my parents were none too pleased about me not telling them I wouldn't be back until late. Why they assume that I will be eating with them every night is beyond me. I need the chance to excercise my cooking skills once more. As well as the chance to consume more curries.

In other news, the WolfSpoor Forums are looking bare and I know several cool people read my journal. So head over there. It's also the place where the Rage Across Siberia message board is (a direct link from the project outline, or go Main->Forums->Baying at the Moon->Fan Projects->Rage Across Siberia.

And now, to try to salvage what little time I have left.

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