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And today in full

Well, after the fucking joke that was my last attempt to get a post into keys, I'm writing this in Crimson, a nice little text editor which has everything a text editor should have, including all the useful bits that they were too fucking stupid to put into Notepad. It also doesn't get fucked up the arse by a joke that pretends to be an OS written by retarded shit-flinging howler monkeys. Fucking Redmondware should all be removed with extreme motherfucking prejudice.

I did have a post, as you probably guessed. I've got to enjoy using the fun thing known as post-by-email, as it stops me having to use a client. I really dislike both the clients for $BLOAT_OS and the ports of *nix clients to $BLOAT_OS which are slow and suck. Unfortunately, I use a non-Mickey$haft mailer. Good old Mozilla. In many ways a beautiful browser/mailer combo, open source and everything. Only thing is, $BLOAT_OS has been coded to crash anything which is not its own hideous shite so the bastard thing locks up and refuses to respond to any input. So I lost the post. And after today that made me violent. Digging fingernails into palm enough to draw blood kind of way.

And fucking hell but if the waste of complex carbon molecules next to me that purports to be a brother doesn't shut the fuck up right now I am going to tear him limb from fucking limb and batter the fucker into a paste with the wet ends. Cunt will not fucking shut up.

Yes, today has pissed me off well bad. Stupid bastard family fair ruined today. Not that work was good at all, indeed it was boring and sucky. Hell, the walk in was a bitch. My right leg, about halfway up the shin to the right of the bone started hurting in the muscle. Dunno what it is but it's happened every day since Wednesday. So I'm off to After reading webcomics and constantly checking both The Register and Slashdot all day, I ended up walking home with the same pain in my leg. Taxi in tomorrow, I think.

So yeah, I get in after walking through the gale and the rain and all of that shit. And what do I find? My mum cooking something. After I told her, repeatedly, that I would be doing a curry tonight. Nice to know that I can say something to her more than once and she won't pay any motherfucking notice to me whatsoever. And then I get chewed out for not reminding her. Not said: "If I need to remind you of every fucking thing I tell you then why the fuck do I bother telling you anything since you obviously don't care! And why the fuck do you constantly ignore when I decide I will cook curry and instead serve up the same roast generic meat with generic carbohydrate that has killed my tastebuds with it's blandness? Have you never heard of spices you insane fucking freak? What the fuck is so wrong with you that you refuse to make anything with a motherfucking taste?"

So my want for spicy food and for my parents to remember things without me constantly prompting them makes me some kind of public enemy, despite it being me that was treat as if I don't exist. Add to that this shit connection and this shit keyboard and this shit $BLOAT_OS... you get the idea. Fucking fucky fucking fuck day. With a side order of fuck.

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