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More shite at work. Hopefully from Monday I should have enough to do that I don't spend all my time reading Usenet and /., which will be advantageous. I need to be able to pretend to do something with a good chance of convincing people that I'm working rather than just reading web pages.

I have learned an important lesson: Never welch on a deal with an elemental. Woke up an hour and a half early and couldn't get back to sleep, unable to get back to sleep, my head throbbing like a motherfucker, mouth dry and feeling nauseous. Don't stir up what you can't put back. Fortunately, I've resolved that one without any more bother.

Even so, that and the rest of the week have left me knackered. Ten or more hours down on the sleep I should have had overall. To add to that I don't get in a lie down tomorrow. Got stuff to do which mandates waking up the same time I do when I needs work. But Sunday, oh Sunday. Sweet, sweet sleep will come for me.

In other news... umm... Go populate the WolfSpoor Werewolf forums. While the Mage forum discussion is most entertaining, I'm not awake enough to properly compose a reply. Go take me on in my native form! Bwahahaha!

Or something, I don't fucking know.

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