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Armour and Speed

Skin feels strange to the touch, sliding over the bone and moving with the layer of flexible muscle that it does. Feels strange, without armour.  Without plates covering the vital joints and back, without polycarbons and impact foam and padding around my braincase. No more waterproofing around my torso or ceramic shields on my knuckles. I've been from half eight this morning like that, in full gear.

Admittedly, there was a reason. I'm now fully licensed to ride my scooter, an MBK Nitro 100cc thing which goes from 0 to 30 faster than you can fart. Got it up to 50 on the ride home, with plenty of acceleration to spare. Top speed (so I'm told, didn't have a chance to test it) is 68 miles per hour. But even so, forty feels damn fast.

Vroom, baby.

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