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Bloody Monday

I had words in my head this morning, flying around and around. Got a lift into work, as it was too icy to bike. Something everyone I've talked to says, don't take any two wheeled vehicle out on the ice if you can at all help it. But I've already excercised enough to give me legs and an arse that count as "damn sexy" (photos will be forthcoming), and my mum was offering, so I took the lift. Better than freezing my bollocks off.

Took the bike out for a spin after work as the roads were clear. Got up to 60 before worrying about the lack of streetlights and the sudden corners, then had to fill up. Not bad at all, a full tank of petrol for £3.

But yeah, words whizzing around my head. So many ideas which I managed to flesh out in thoughtspace. Of course, I've got back and between talking to people and verbally smacking the shit out of a complete retard on the forum (no link, if you're cool you already know where I mean), I've not had a chance to update before midnight, nor have I had the chance to get anything down in words. I have an hour now, I shall try to do what I can.

In other news, aarondb needs to hit me up over e-mail or MSN or whatever. As does daedalus668. Both for different things, of course.

Fucking work eating into my writing time. I still don't have a bastard e-mail account there.
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