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I biked into work this morning. I dunno why but I felt better about being at work for it. Then again, I also had stuff to do. Not lots of stuff, but enough that I didn't get bored which made a change. In a random note, the bogs at work have been cleaned. I know this by the simple expedient of breathing in when I go in. The smell of Steve's old brand of deoderant thick in the air, almost masking the smell of flatulence. It's an improvement on the neat smell of flatulence, at least.

Parents are eating out, making use of one of the generic money off coupons for a local restaurant. Which means I get to eat Asda frozen curry again, and of course I get the memory hit that I always get going there. It makes me want to be a student again, going back to a room in a house I share with friends where the floor is covered in printouts and maths textbooks and pizza boxes.

Damnit. I'm all nostalgic now.

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