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Fucking government

I've read all of the information presented to the Hutton Enquiry. I have always included the possibility (albeit a slim one) that the Government was in the right. Reading the evidence and looking at the facts that can only be estimated by extrapolating from both sides has given me what I would think is a good understanding of the whole sorry affair.

That is why it was with shock and despair that I heard the outcome of the report. The BBC slammed despite all it could do (including turning its harshest current affairs programme on itself), and the government exonorated of blame.

This ruling is completely at odds with the evidence presented and with the simple facts that are available to anybody. I am therefore forced to wonder how big a bribe the Government offered Lord Hutton in order to get this result.

What price did this law lord cost, Mr Blair? What price to buy the report? What price to drag the BBC, with whom you have always had an antagonistic relationship[0], through the mud and the shit? What price governmental accountability? What price truth, you lying piece of shit?

That does it. The Beast has crossed the fucking line here. I am out for fucking blood.

[0]: Unlike the US[1], news broadcasters, the BBC has always attempted to be independant of the government. Guess what, the Gov't dislikes this rather a lot.
[1]: Before dismissing this, I ask you to look at CNN, NBC and Fox News.

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