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The Revolution Will be Televised

They stole our revolution. Now we're stealing it back.

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Digital Raven
17 May 1981
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I'm Stew Wilson, freelance writer and IT geek. Mostly, this journal serves as a place to empty my head, link to interesting stuff, and create characters for roleplaying games. If that interests you, you may want to check out my list of roleplaying games I have to trade.

Some of the head-emptying is of a political bent, a subject where I trend far left of centre. Other stuff includes futurism (including technological utopianism), cooking, photography, writing, the philosophy of personality, and some rants that I try to make entertaining. I used to use this journal as a place to showcase stories however I've not had time to write anything for free recently.

I'm a straight cisgendered male human being in a committed long-term relationship. I stand 6'3" tall (190cm), am of average build, last had my hair cut professionally in 1999, and take great joy from sporting a beard.

Credits: Default icon is an original piece by palominomule. B&W photomanip by catnik. Corax/raven shadow by chrisondra. Virtual Adept and Strength icons by Ian Watson. Buzzsaw and Rumble by Matt Moylan.

All content mine except where clearly marked. Few rights reserved. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence is in force. Rip, mix, burn. Culture is the only freedom left.

aeon trinity, alcohol, algorithms, anarchism, apotheosis, armchair philosophy, artificial intelligence, beer, black books, books, budget evil overlordship, caffeine, cats, chaos magic, chaos theory, charlie stross, civil liberties, claude shannon, coffee, cognitive science, comics, computer science, computers, consciousness, creativity, cryptography, cthulhu, curry, discordianism, douglas adams, dylan moran, edinburgh, elegant code, encryption, entropy, esoterica, extropianism, food, frankie boyle, free software, free thought, futurism, gadgets, games, gaming, geek, getting away with it, giant robots, goth, graphic novels, hacking, hermeticism, ideas, illumination, imagination, immanentizing the eschaton, infinity, information, information theory, intellectual property law reform, liberty, linux, literature, logic, love, mage, magic, mathematics, memejacking, memes, memetics, mind uploading, multitools, multiverse, mythology, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nobilis, nonsense, occult, occultism, open source, paranoia, pattern recognition, perception, perl, pessimism, pharmacognosy, philosophy, physics, pi, pie, political revolution, programming, qabalah, radio 4, rain, randomness, ravens, reading, reality, red dwarf, rhetoric, richard feynman, rock, role playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, science fiction, secret history, sf, sigil, singularity, smart dust, steganography, storms, storytelling, sushi, taking over the world, tarot, terry pratchett, tom lehrer, trinity, truth, umberto eco, unknown armies, urban legends, vodka, weirdness, werewolf, white wolf, witchcraft, world of darkness, wraith, writing

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