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Interview Again

As pointless wastes of time Livejournal memes go, I quite like the interview one. Mostly because it's got an intelligent means of propagation which doesn't demand attention from people who don't want to participate, but also because it involves writing about, well, me. And since I last did it several years ago, what the hell.

I caught the bug this time from weaver42

answersCollapse )

And questions from mythdude:

answersCollapse )

Questions from spudtater:

answersCollapse )

Leave a comment and I'll ask you five questions, on the understanding that you do the same when you answer.


Questions from joexnz


Like a Bad Cold

Interview meme once again. Drop a comment if you want me to ask you five questions. Then answer them in your journal and give others the chance to be interviewed by you.[0]

Questions from spudtater

Read more...Collapse )

And questions from gominokouhai

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[0]: Most people say "You know the score by now." But I know that some people reading this have never come across the interview meme, so I thought I'd make sure they knew what it was about.





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